Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dear Family,

Here’s an idea that may be of use for all of us study the scriptures! Actually, we need to do this if we want to get anywhere or obtain anything. Without it we are stuck in the mud with nothing. And we need to do it now. Because the Lord is waiting on us

– He has these things He wants to give us and help us with

– He has lots of good things for us but He’s been waiting for us to do this one thing

– Here’s just a sampling of what He has in store:

– answers to our prayers

– solutions to our problems

– power to overcome every obstacle in our life

– comfort in our distress

– elimination of stress in our daily life

– peace in our homes

– wisdom in our work

– calmness in our minds

– more love in our relationships

– really happy hearts

– and the Spirit with us everywhere

This is just a small list of what’s waiting for us. So, open up those scriptures and study, in whatever way you like, but do it diligently and thoroughly and daily.

Here’s some ideas of how to succeed:

– write down what you’re learning

– organize your gospel testimony

– keep a gospel journal

– write little talks or lessons as you go

– use a study guide from Sunday School or an institute class

– pick a time each day

– listen to the scriptures online or on tape/CD

– make a blog of it

So, go to it and get your blessings TODAY!