Monday, April 5, 2010

Eat Less Stupid

During Easter dinner Samuel said we should start a Fuller Family Biggest Looser. That same day, or weekend I was thinking we should organize some kind of reporting system to report our weight loss goals with each other every few days.
I know everybody wants to be healthy and look good so lets do it! Today!
I am back on my eat less stupid diet, I only eat 3 times a day 8:00 am 1:00pm 6:00pm (or about then). During meal time I eat a modest meal and drink a lot of water during the day. On days when I feel like I have not gotten my heart rate up enough times I walk at night. So that is my plan.
My goal is to fit onto my clothes, feel comfortable and look good, I am not sure yet about how much weight I want to loose. To help me reach my goal I am going to
1. tell lots of people my goal
2. Hypnoses for weight loss (kinda hokey I know but it works for me)
3. Expect a phone call from one of you to check to see of I am sticking to my goals.
4. Positive affirmations. (I say to Brian something like, "I am sticking to my goals." "I notice change everyday." I look great wearing my______" )

That is my outline. What is yours?
What are your ideas on a Biggest Looser competition? Maybe a prize pool?
What do you think of are porting system like Charmaine calls Me every few days I call Jenny she calls Samuel he calls Clarissa. That is obviously just the Fuller kids but it doesn't have to be, Do any Brother in Laws want to join the phone tree, or Mommy and Daddy. Does anybody not want to be called?

What are your thoughts?!
Some articles I like mental strategies to weight loss are:
8 Ways To Think Your Self Thin
Family Education Think Yourself Thin

Horay it is 1:04 I am gonna got eat lunch!