Friday, April 4, 2008

It's Home Evening Cruise Time!!!!

OK everybody, this is my first blog. I am now a blogger.
So let's see if this works....
Here's my home evening blog or post (what's the difference?).
I have a request. Read some of the past Zion Home Evening stuff before our cruise. We will have the next chapter on the cruise, so brush up and get ready!
Here's a quiz -- winner(s?) will get a prize on the cruise:
Who wrote the poem in the purity chapter? (re-read that -- it's really good)
What are the five things needed to make a Team Zion?
and there are a few more sub-parts in some of those things
Fill in the blanks: If _____ , then ______ .
And a hard one:
What did the Prophet Joseph say would be written on the "bells of the horses" in the city Zion?
And the bonus question: What is our next Home Evening about? Hint: Our cruisin vehicle is in the name!

So, speaking about cruising:
You can go online and pre-register. You need your passport number and the booking number. Call me if you need more info.
Let's plan some family prayer times and maybe take turns with a 1 minute devotional or something to go along with it.
And let's plan a get-together (with online chatting for Brian and Chantal) and see if there are any excursions we might want to do together -- our maybe in sub-groups. And we need to plan on getting there -- who is going when and who wants to go together. Mommy and I are flying so some could use our van and you can get stopped in Yuma again!
Anyway, fun things coming up!! I love you all -- talk to you later, Daddy.


Jenny Lynn said...

do you want us to save our answers for the cruise, or answer now?`

Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

save for the cruise! Chantal wants Logan, Trisha and I to come up early. Logan has a half day of work on Friday so we were thinking about leaving then. Could we use the van?

Chantal said...

Warning: I am going to win! I am gonna start to study and find the answewrs, great game idea Daddy! When do you want the answers?

Devotionals sound like a good idea! Maybe we can take them from General Confrence and all bring our Engigns.

...Anybody who needs to can crash here Sunday night, but B has a final Monday morning and dosent need any more distraction and I want the house clean for when we leave the kids with Trisha.

Susan (Mommy) said...

Daddy is so cute. I think I might win though Chantal. You know I have my ways. Hee Hee