Sunday, April 6, 2008

General Conference thoughts

Sunday night after General Conference:
Didn’t want the day to end without sharing some thoughts about the Conference. I think a feeling I had during one talk summarized what I felt from the Conference. It was Elder Holland’s talk about "are we Christians?" He talked about how John had written the book of Revelations before he wrote other things and before some others had written their books in the Bible and that they didn’t really have the Bible then, showing that it wasn’t really the Bible that made them Christians and how it isn’t the Book of Mormon as another witness that makes us Christian – but that it is following the loving Christ. I thought a good response to that question when we are asked is "were Peter, James and John and the others back then Christians?" They certainly didn’t have the New Testament book then. But what they had was the living Christ and His teaching direct from Him. When He asked them to "come follow me" they did. That is what makes them and anyone else a true Christian— following the living Christ today in what He asks of us now. And so, what I felt from the Conference was that those who spoke were true followers of Christ who were truly revealing His will and His words. President Uchtdorf in Priesthood meeting just seemed to radiate his love for the Lord and the Lord just seemed to be speaking through him.
Then President Monson seemed so personable and tender hearted, and when he spoke about Heavenly Father comforting us and Jesus lifting us, that seemed so personal to him. I like it when he said we are in a war with sin and that "we can win and we WILL win." And then for him to close asking us to pray for him – so humble and faithful. It just seemed that the Lord was close by. So let’s pray for President Monson and the other leaders and their wives, too. Did you know that the newly called second counselor in the Young Women presidency is Pres. Monson’s daughter? That must make him feel good.
Well, I feel good as a father. Each of you sons and daughters are such good people. Let’s make sure we are doing what we should be doing so that we may also be close to the living Christ today – not just because we read His words or because we pray to Heavenly Father – but because we seek until we find and we live such that, through the Gift of the Holy Ghost, They are an intimate part of our day-to-day life. You know that is my constant prayer.
I love you all. I’ll blog you later! Love, Daddy.


Jenny Lynn said...
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Jenny Lynn said...

I love you Daddy, thank you for your beautiful words!

Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

so sweet daddy! i really loved the way that president monson closed also. he is so funny too! I loved the story about his wife in the hospital. So sweet!

Chantal said...

I thought I commented a while ago. Brian and I did read it a while ago. I always enjoy to hear others thoughts after conference thanks for reminding us of those awesome talks.